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Services on the premises

A working population of around 6,000 people comes to Tokyo Ryutsu Center (TRC) daily, and several thousand more people come as visitors during exhibition periods. Conference Rooms and other facilities within the buildings are available for peak periods, when TRC fills to capacity. The restaurants at the site serve several genres of Japanese, Western, and Chinese cuisines. Other amenities include a post office, convenience stores, ATMs, a doctor’s office, a dental clinic, and a barber shop. Several types of service facilities are available in both the Office Bldgs. and Distribution Bldgs.. Altogether, the complex functions as a little “town.”

Conference Room

The Conference Rooms are customizable to various needs.

The six Conference Rooms of various sizes are on hand to meet the requirements for lectures, symposiums, and seminars coordinated with exhibitions, new product presentations, and the like. The Conference Rooms are equipped to serve the functions required for meetings of business enterprises, get-togethers for industry associations, and national conventions, with upper capacities ranging from 30 to 180 people. The Conference Rooms can also be used as waiting rooms, rooms for business negotiations, or lounges for breaks during exhibitions.

Corridor for Conference Room

Inside the Conference Rooms


The parking can accommodate an overwhelming number of vehicles.

The Tokyo Ryutsu Center (TRC) parkings have a capacity of about 1,800 vehicles. The spaces can be rented out hourly, or on a monthly basis with parking permits. Vehicles of many types are accommodated, from standard passenger vehicles up to 10-ton trucks. The P3:A-Parking for the Center Bldg. (parking within the building) even has a waiting room for drivers.

P1: Multilevel parking

P2: Second multilevel parking


Entrance to the restaurant floor



Coffee shop

Medical offices

Doctor’s office

Dental clinic

Financial services

Post office

Automatic teller machine (ATM)

Other services

Convenience store

Travel agency

Gas station

Q.K. (Resting room)